John Dewey Would Hate Your Digital Citizenship Curriculum

There. I said it. Someone had to. Everyone is talking about #digcit right now. Maybe the term is finally catching on. Maybe it’s just the buzzword phrase school districts are using as they roll out 1:1 initiatives. Maybe these lessons have staying power; maybe they don’t. But I do know one thing….John Dewey would hateContinue reading “John Dewey Would Hate Your Digital Citizenship Curriculum”

Celebrating a Culture of Respect and Appreciation

The high school I have spent the last two years working in has a fairly diverse student body. There are a variety of ethnic groups, sure, but even more than that, there are SO MANY amazing groups of kids who are celebrating what they love. There are sports and activities and clubs for everyone, andContinue reading “Celebrating a Culture of Respect and Appreciation”

Starting a School Hashtag – the Good, the Bad, and Everything in Between!

At the start of the 2013-2014 school year, we did not have a school hashtag. I was envious of Leyden High School and all of those #leyedpride filled tweets that I saw each time I opened my feed. Admittedly, I got to the point where I was even having pity parties for myself: Why can’tContinue reading “Starting a School Hashtag – the Good, the Bad, and Everything in Between!”