Chatting with the EduTechGuys at #ICE19

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down with the EduTechGuys and my good friend and fellow librarian, Andrea Trudeau, at the Illinois Computing Educators Conference. We talked about everything from expanding the definition of digital citizenship to AR/VR in education and how those two concepts overlap. If you are geeked out by these topicsContinue reading “Chatting with the EduTechGuys at #ICE19”

You Don’t Have to Be a #DigCit Expert… Use Images to Get Students Talking

You don’t have to be using the latest app or social media site to have conversations with your students about life online. Instead of shying away, provide your students a safe space to talk with you about their digital experiences. You can use images like the ones below (and hundreds of others linked here!) asContinue reading “You Don’t Have to Be a #DigCit Expert… Use Images to Get Students Talking”

Education Talk Radio: Digital Citizenship In Action

This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with Larry from Education Talk Radio. It was a timely conversation as students have begun using social media to organize the March for Our Lives School Walkout. How should our digital citizenship curriculum evolve to help young people see the technology in their hands as more thanContinue reading “Education Talk Radio: Digital Citizenship In Action”

Digital Citizenship Discussion Cards

You can create a safe space for your students to engage in conversation about digital topics with though-provoking images and a variety of activities. Students of all ages can use theĀ image/discussion cardsĀ I’ve created in a variety of ways. Asking students to group images and assign groups a label will force them to engage in discussionContinue reading “Digital Citizenship Discussion Cards”

Bringing Digital Citizenship to Life in Your School

Last week I had the honor of kicking off Digital Citizenship Week by participating in an ISTE webinar entitled, “Bringing Digital Citizenship to Life in Your School.” You can view the archive here. You can also view resources shared by the participants! Kristen’s Resources Jamie’s Resources Nancy’s Resources    

Want to be featured in an ISTE book?

I have some exciting news to share: I am writing a book for ISTE, due out later this year. I also have an awesome opportunity for members of my PLN: I want to share YOUR stories! Each chapter of my book will feature 2-3 spotlight stories from teachers and students in grades 6-12 who areContinue reading “Want to be featured in an ISTE book?”

Widening the #DigCit Perspective

This is my second reflective blog post on the #DigCit Summit, which was held on 10/28/16 at Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco. I had the pleasure and the privilege of speaking on a panel regarding “What’s Next for Digital Citizenship,” but also got to spend the rest of the day listening to other speakers inContinue reading “Widening the #DigCit Perspective”

Words Matter: Why I’m not ready to drop “digital” from the #DigCit conversation

This weekend (10/28/16) I had the honor and the pleasure of sitting on a panel of speakers during the #DigCitSummit, which was held at Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco. During this eight hour day of speaking, listening, and collaborating, there were several big ideas I felt compelled to write about as I reflected and digestedContinue reading “Words Matter: Why I’m not ready to drop “digital” from the #DigCit conversation”