Awesome, Underutilized Resources for Teaching Justice-Oriented Digital Citizens

I came across a GEM of a find today when curating digital citizenship resources for teachers. Why aren’t any of my #digcit pals talking about the resources from Teaching Tolerance? Is it because we have yet to fully equate digital citizenship with anything BUT behavior management? In my work, I’ve been trying to get educatorsContinue reading “Awesome, Underutilized Resources for Teaching Justice-Oriented Digital Citizens”

Chatting #DigCit with GoEnnounce and the EduTechGuys

  I had the opportunity to chat digital citizenship with Megan Davis, co-founder of Go Ennounce and the EduTechGuys during the Future of Educational Technology Conference. Check out our conversation on YouTube! You can also check out more from the EduTechGuys on their website.      

John Dewey Would Hate Your Digital Citizenship Curriculum

There. I said it. Someone had to. Everyone is talking about #digcit right now. Maybe the term is finally catching on. Maybe it’s just the buzzword phrase school districts are using as they roll out 1:1 initiatives. Maybe these lessons have staying power; maybe they don’t. But I do know one thing….John Dewey would hateContinue reading “John Dewey Would Hate Your Digital Citizenship Curriculum”

Connecting with Their Principal Through The Power of Twitter

When Oswego East High School’s administration team decided to promote a school wide hash tag for use on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Vine, we really just wanted a fun way to hear more student voice and connect our ever-growing community of students, teachers, and parents. While #oewolfpride did these things, the hash tagContinue reading “Connecting with Their Principal Through The Power of Twitter”

My turn for the Sunshine Award

So in the last two days I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by Jon Harper (@Jonharper70bd) and Yana Bauer (@arachnemom), so I guess I should probably take the time to respond! Here is how it works. Acknowledge the nominating blogger. Share 11 random facts about yourself. Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has createdContinue reading “My turn for the Sunshine Award”