Chatting with the EduTechGuys at #ICE19

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down with the EduTechGuys and my good friend and fellow librarian, Andrea Trudeau, at the Illinois Computing Educators Conference. We talked about everything from expanding the definition of digital citizenship to AR/VR in education and how those two concepts overlap. If you are geeked out by these topicsContinue reading “Chatting with the EduTechGuys at #ICE19”

ISTE Launches a new Edtech Podcast (and guess who’s on Episode 1?!)

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has a brand new podcast called “Your Edtech Questions” and I was lucky enough to be their first guest on an episode entitled “The Do’s Of Digital Citizenship” . Here’s the description of the podcast from their website: Educators have lots of questions about how edtech canContinue reading “ISTE Launches a new Edtech Podcast (and guess who’s on Episode 1?!)”

Picture Books for Digital Citizenship Education

You don’t have to implement a “new initiative,” shop for a “curriculum” or “find time in your day” to have digital citizenship conversations with our youngest learners. In fact, digital citizenship education can (and should!) happen in really natural ways — like during story time. I’ve been previewing TONS of picture books related to technologyContinue reading “Picture Books for Digital Citizenship Education”

Awesome, Underutilized Resources for Teaching Justice-Oriented Digital Citizens

I came across a GEM of a find today when curating digital citizenship resources for teachers. Why aren’t any of my #digcit pals talking about the resources from Teaching Tolerance? Is it because we have yet to fully equate digital citizenship with anything BUT behavior management? In my work, I’ve been trying to get educatorsContinue reading “Awesome, Underutilized Resources for Teaching Justice-Oriented Digital Citizens”

You Don’t Have to Be a #DigCit Expert… Use Images to Get Students Talking

You don’t have to be using the latest app or social media site to have conversations with your students about life online. Instead of shying away, provide your students a safe space to talk with you about their digital experiences. You can use images like the ones below (and hundreds of others linked here!) asContinue reading “You Don’t Have to Be a #DigCit Expert… Use Images to Get Students Talking”

Education Talk Radio: Digital Citizenship In Action

This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with Larry from Education Talk Radio. It was a timely conversation as students have begun using social media to organize the March for Our Lives School Walkout. How should our digital citizenship curriculum evolve to help young people see the technology in their hands as more thanContinue reading “Education Talk Radio: Digital Citizenship In Action”

Digital Citizenship Discussion Cards

You can create a safe space for your students to engage in conversation about digital topics with though-provoking images and a variety of activities. Students of all ages can use theĀ image/discussion cardsĀ I’ve created in a variety of ways. Asking students to group images and assign groups a label will force them to engage in discussionContinue reading “Digital Citizenship Discussion Cards”

Digital Citizenship Bell-Ringers for Content Area Teachers

One of the common concerns I hear about digital citizenship education is that there just “isn’t enough time in the day” to have conversations with kids about living life in digital communities. Having conversations about our digital selves, our digital communities, and our global society can happen in small doses across content areas. Today IContinue reading “Digital Citizenship Bell-Ringers for Content Area Teachers”