“Snap Up” These Books Before They “Disappear!”

If you are looking for a fresh book display, try this! Locate books with faces on the covers Make a copy this Google Slide Show for yourself Manipulate the images on each slide to fit your book covers Print the images Cut out the shapes Affix the SnapChat filters to the front of your booksContinue reading ““Snap Up” These Books Before They “Disappear!””

Widening the #DigCit Perspective

This is my second reflective blog post on the #DigCit Summit, which was held on 10/28/16 at Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco. I had the pleasure and the privilege of speaking on a panel regarding “What’s Next for Digital Citizenship,” but also got to spend the rest of the day listening to other speakers inContinue reading “Widening the #DigCit Perspective”

Words Matter: Why I’m not ready to drop “digital” from the #DigCit conversation

This weekend (10/28/16) I had the honor and the pleasure of sitting on a panel of speakers during the #DigCitSummit, which was held at Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco. During this eight hour day of speaking, listening, and collaborating, there were several big ideas I felt compelled to write about as I reflected and digestedContinue reading “Words Matter: Why I’m not ready to drop “digital” from the #DigCit conversation”

John Dewey Would Hate Your Digital Citizenship Curriculum

There. I said it. Someone had to. Everyone is talking about #digcit right now. Maybe the term is finally catching on. Maybe it’s just the buzzword phrase school districts are using as they roll out 1:1 initiatives. Maybe these lessons have staying power; maybe they don’t. But I do know one thing….John Dewey would hateContinue reading “John Dewey Would Hate Your Digital Citizenship Curriculum”

Discount Converse Meet our Maker Space

A few weeks ago I was approached by a young lady inquiring about our library’s 3D printer. She had found a great deal at the mall on a pair of Converse sneakers, but the shoes had a hole in the sole. Because of the way mannequins are built, stores must drill a hole in theContinue reading “Discount Converse Meet our Maker Space”

We’re so much cooler online…

Have you heard the Brad Paisley song, I’m So Much Cooler Online? The lyrics to that song, specifically the chorus, have been going through my head a lot in the last few weeks. I have had Library Media Center Directors and technology leaders from around the area contacting me to see if they could make aContinue reading “We’re so much cooler online…”

Explore 204: Library Transformation

Our library transformation was featured on this month’s “Explore 204” – a series of videos about the happenings in our district. Explore 204: Library Transformation from IPSD 204 on YouTube. To read more about the work we’ve been doing, check out some of these blog posts: Library Makeover: What We Gained by Letting Go 5 ReasonsContinue reading “Explore 204: Library Transformation”

Tips and Tricks for Genre Sorting

So you have decided to genre sort your library? Awesome! I don’t think you will regret it. There are definitely some things you must think about before you get started, though. Here are a few tips and tricks I have for making the process go as smoothly as possible. Do some research. What types ofContinue reading “Tips and Tricks for Genre Sorting”