But God had a different plan in mind…

On our last day of Spring Break, I took my kids to an indoor inflatable playground. While there, I ran into a former student that I fondly remember from her time in my eighth grade Language Arts class. She remembered me too, and immediately came over to say hello. I took Rachel in. She wasContinue reading “But God had a different plan in mind…”

Does your school newsletter need a makeover?

Ours did! When I began working at my school, the Wolf Weekly was a PDF document sent out once a week by administrators to all staff members. The purpose was to cut down on the amount of email sent out to staff each week by compiling news and announcements into one weekly blast that teachersContinue reading “Does your school newsletter need a makeover?”

Bring PD to Teachers with The Toilet Paper

My followers have probably seen a tweet or two about “The Toilet Paper” that I hang up in school each week. I have had more than a few questions about it, so I decided to take a moment and give you the low down in this blog post. When I began my job as aContinue reading “Bring PD to Teachers with The Toilet Paper”

How are your digital policies affecting student learning?

I have always been passionate about using technology for education, but let’s get this one thing straight: it isn’t the technology that excites me. Any good educator knows that putting a device in a student’s hands does not equate to automatic engagement. The beauty of using technology in school comes from the way it enablesContinue reading “How are your digital policies affecting student learning?”