So today was kind of a big day…

…for my seven year old son, William.  Last week he wanted to know what I was doing on the computer. When I explained the concept of blogging, he immediately wanted to give it a try. We chatted for awhile about what he might want to write about, who his audience would be, and what heContinue reading “So today was kind of a big day…”

What will a school library become?

This is the question that’s been on my mind the last few days as I have started rethinking our space to better meet the needs of high school students. Right now, I am turning students out of my library because I cannot accommodate their needs – a computer to research, collaborate, and create with. InContinue reading “What will a school library become?”

We Need Zapatos – Practicing Language with Puppet Pals 2

Our high school Spanish 2 students spent some time this week working on three of their core skills – writing, speaking, and listening. This activity was enhanced through the use of Puppet Pals 2, an iPad app. In the classroom, students wrote conversational scripts with their partners. On the iPad, they brought their script toContinue reading “We Need Zapatos – Practicing Language with Puppet Pals 2”

When Vision and Policy Collide…

So I am in this really  weird position called middle management. I like to think I have some control over what happens with my day, and how I go about achieving the goals I set for myself and with my colleagues. The truth? There are way too many roadblocks in my way to best serveContinue reading “When Vision and Policy Collide…”

World Languages Tech Petting Zoo

I invited the World Languages department at Oswego East High School to participate in a tech petting zoo. They had an hour to explore different apps for both language acquisition and practice as well as creation apps that would allow students to practice their speaking, listening, and writing skills in an alternative way. The attachedContinue reading “World Languages Tech Petting Zoo”

Serving While Learning – The Pajama Program

Back in 2009 I stumbled upon an opportunity through Scholastic Book Clubs. They were hosting a Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive with the folks from The Pajama Program, a non-profit organization that raises brand new pairs of pajamas for children in homeless shelters and foster care. Scholastic was challenging classrooms to gather pajama donations and promisedContinue reading “Serving While Learning – The Pajama Program”

This ain’t your mama’s lit circle…

Several years ago, I started using wikis as a means of allowing kids to create and then comment on one another’s work. I got fairly comfortable with the tool and started thinking about ways to make it even more effective. Each spring, I asked my eighth graders to participate in a literature circle – theContinue reading “This ain’t your mama’s lit circle…”

Math Never Changes – Why Should I?

I have been working with several Algebra 1 teachers on flipping their classrooms. One of their non-flipped colleagues walked into the office and said, “I don’t know why you guys spend so much time on this stuff. I will never change what I do because math never changes.” We all chuckled politely as the manContinue reading “Math Never Changes – Why Should I?”